The 2001 CWA Non-Fiction Dagger

The Macallan Gold Dagger for Non-fiction

in association with the Crime Writers Association

Winner: The Infiltrators

Undercover policemen PHILIP ETIENNE and MARTIN MAYNARD with crime correspondent of The Observer, TONY THOMPSON, have won The Macallan Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction and a cheque for £2000. The Infiltrators (Michael Joseph) is a nail-biting exposé of the life of an undercover policeman.

The Macallan Dagger The Macallan Daggers are sponsored by The Macallan, distillers of the finest Single Highland Malt Whisky, in association with the Crime Writers' Association.
The Gold Dagger for non-fiction was founded by The Crime Writers' Association in 1978. The CWA continues to manage the award today.

The other books to make the shortlist were:
Dr Zacaria Erzinçlioglu, Maggots, Murder and Men, Harley Books
Adrian Weale, Patriot Traitors, Viking

The Infiltrators

Philip Etienne and Martin Maynard (with Tony Thompson)

The Infiltrators

Michael Joseph

The story of two members of SO10, Scotland Yard's covert operations department, who worked under cover for six years as drug-dealing intermediaries, buyers of forged credit cards, hired assassins... Until it went dreadfully wrong in a bungled set-up and both men were shot and left for dead. Stripped of their anonymity by the resultant court case, they now have to live in secrecy with their families. Tony Thompson has cleverly blended their individual accounts into a gripping tale.

Dr Zacaria Erzinçlioglu

Maggots, Murder and Men

Harley Books

'Dr Zak', as he is affectionately known to police and forensic scientists - is the leading practitioner of forensic entomology, the application of insect behaviour to crime investigations. The book uncovers this gruesome, but fascinating profession, examining cases from the past and the present day, and covering much of the author's personal experience. In the final chapter Dr Erzinçlioglu expresses personal disquiet at the current state of forensic science in the UK.

DR ERZINÇLIOGLU is the author of Every Contact leaves a Trace, and has appeared in a number of TV programmes including The Witness was a Fly and Crime Squad. He lives in Cambridge.

Adrian Weale

Patriot Traitors


A comparative study of the only two British subjects in the Twentieth Century to suffer execution for the crime of high treason: Roger Casement during World War I and John Amery at the end of World War II. This is the first serious study to make use of the newly released MI5 personal files on these men, illuminating one of the darkest corners of British history.

ADRIAN WEALE was a military intelligence officer in the British Army, before leaving the army to become a professional writer, journalist and photographer. Previous works include Renegades: Hitler's Englishmen, Secret Warfare and most recently Science and the Swastika, which accompanied the Channel 4 series of the same name. Adrian Weale lives in London.