The Cartier Diamond Dagger

Lifetime Achievement Award

As the name suggests, this coveted award was sponsored by Cartier, who did so since its inception in 1986 up to the 2011 award.

The CWA committee selects writers nominated by the membership. Nominees have to meet two essential criteria: first, their careers must be marked by sustained excellence, and second, they must have made a significant contribution to crime fiction published in the English language, whether originally or in translation. The award is made purely on merit without reference to age, gender or nationality.


(Dates link to further information)

2013: Lee Child

2012: Frederick Forsyth

2011: Lindsey Davis

2010: Val McDermid

2009: Andrew Taylor

2008: Sue Grafton

2007: John Harvey

2006: Elmore Leonard

2005: Ian Rankin

2004: Lawrence Block

2003: Robert Barnard

2002: Sara Paretsky

2001: Lionel Davidson

2000: Peter Lovesey

1999: Margaret Yorke

1998: Ed McBain

1997: Colin Dexter

1996: H.R.F.Keating

1995: Reginald Hill

1994: Michael Gilbert

1993: Ellis Peters

1992: Leslie Charteris

1991: Ruth Rendell

1990: Julian Symons

1989: Dick Francis

1988: John le Carré

1987: P D James

1986: Eric Ambler